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(Commercial Line)

Block was specially made and designed for offers competitiveness and resistance to the braking market.


(Load Transport)

This is an excellent medium grade block. It is composed by fiberglass and aramide fibers to improve friction and wear at normal operating conditions. It is rated at 20,000 lbs. axles and meets FVMSS 121 Standards.



This block is a medium to high friction (FF) rigid molded, very dense, thoroughly cured material suitable for automatic slack adjusters. An asbestos free PREMIUM BRAKE LINING with very stable friction, excellent in high speed stops, long life and very safety in all conditions. It is rated at 23,000 lbs. axles and meets FVMSS 121 standards.


(Urban Traffic)

This is an especially formulation designed for urban applications to resist high operational temperatures and continuous stops, It’s is long life and high performance makes suitable.

BN4 runs cooler and lasts longer, making it an excellent choice for fire apparatus trucks, transit and school bus applications.

It is rated at 26,000 lbs. axles and meets FVMSS 121 standards.


(Extreme work)

This block has been developed to provide quiet and smooth braking under severe heat conditions. This is an excellent option for extreme duty applications, recommended for traffic city and intercity buses, all kind of trucks and trailers specially to solve high wear problems in mountain roads. This is our best long life product. .

It is rated at 26,000 lbs. axles and meets FMVSS 121 standards.

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